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How to draw a camomile ๐ŸŒผ a step-by-step camomile drawing tutorial

Let us draw a camomile with a pencil. A simple step-by-step tutorial will guide you to understanding how to draw a beautiful flower with blue and white petals, a stem (a stalk), leaves and a camomile budย โ€“ photos and videos illustrate each step.

Step 1.

Draw the central part of the flower which partially resembles a half-disk. .

Step 2. Petals

Draw the petals, many petals reducing their size. The petals in the foreground are bigger in comparison with those in the background.

Step 3. A stem and a bud

Let us draw a flower stem and a young bud that has not opened yet.

Step 4. Leaves

Draw the leaves which grow out of the stem.

Step 5. Coloring

Color the camomile with bright markers and pencils leaving blank spaces for imitating light.

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