How to draw a tree with leaves 🌳 a simple step-by-step tutorial

It is not difficult to learn how toΒ draw a tree with leaves – a simple step-by-step tutorial accompanied by photos and videos. Find out how to draw the tree trunk and crown and make them look voluminous. While drawing trees you will get familiar with the way of creating light and shadow on the paper.

How to draw a cupcake with a cherry 🧁 a simple step-by-step drawing tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial I will tell you how to draw a beautiful and delicious cupcake with a cherry on the top. Each step is illustrated with photos and videos, so even a beginner can draw a cupcake.

How to draw a car – step-by-step tutorial πŸš— a simple way of the car drawing

Everyone can draw a car (an automobile). This step-by-step tutorial with photos and videos will help you draw a car with a pencil (or a pen liner) easily.

How to draw a hand step by step 🀚 a very simple way of drawing for beginners

Can drawing a hand be easy? We suggest one of the simplest ways of drawing a hand. The drawing should be nice and realistic since we shall use our own hand as the basis in the process of drawing. The stepwise accompanying photos and videos will be helpful.

How to daw a turtle (a tortoise) 🐒 we draw a cute turtle step by step

Drawing a turtle (a tortoise) is very easy. To make this process clearer we suggest doing it step by step. Each step is accompanied by photos and videos. This simple way of drawing is suitable even for those who are only beginners in the art of drawing.

How to draw a camomile 🌼 a step-by-step camomile drawing tutorial

Let us draw a camomile with a pencil. A simple step-by-step tutorial will guide you to understanding how to draw a beautiful flower with blue and white petals, a stem (a stalk), leaves and a camomile bud – photos and videos illustrate each step.

How to draw an elephant step by step 🐘 drawing a light-blue elephant in a simple way

How to draw an avocado πŸ₯‘ A simple step-by-step drawing tutorial

How to draw a bird πŸ₯ a very simple way of drawing a colored bird

How to draw a dog with sad eyes 🐢 a simple step-by-step tutorial

How to draw lips πŸ’‹ a simple step-by-step lesson for beginners

How to draw a rose