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How to draw a cupcake with a cherry 🧁 a simple step-by-step drawing tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial I will tell you how to draw a beautiful and delicious cupcake with a cherry on the top. Each step is illustrated with photos and videos, so even a beginner can draw a cupcake.

Step 1.

Let us first draw a cloud using a marker.

Step 2. Draw a cupcake tin for a cupcake

Draw a rectangle (a trapezoid) below the cloud and a bit slanted parallel vertical lines on it implying the texture.

Step 3. Draw a cherry

We draw a cherry with a stalk. Leave a circular-shaped space on the cherry which imitates a highlight.

Step 4.

We connect the cherry with the cupcake using an oval-shaped line.

Step 5. Decorating our cupcake

We draw little circles on the cupcake to decorate it (to make it look beautiful).

Step 6. AΒ  cupcake coloring

Color the cherry red. As to the cupcake, make use of any color you like.

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