How to draw

How to draw a hand step by step 🀚 a very simple way of drawing for beginners

Can drawing a hand be easy? We suggest one of the simplest ways of drawing a hand. The drawing should be nice and realistic since we shall use our own hand as the basis in the process of drawing. The stepwise accompanying photos and videos will be helpful.

Step 1.

Put your hand on a sheet of paper, palm down, arranging the fingers so that there is some distance between them (fingers slightly apart).

Step 2.

Draw a contour line of the fingers and palm using a pencil or a pen liner.

Step 3.

Remove the hand.

Step 4.

Let us draw the nails and lines marking wrinkles on the skin of the finger joints.

Step 5.

Color the nails with pencils or markers. Leave a narrow strip on each nail uncolored for creating a highlight effect.

Step 6.

Color the hand with a pencil or a marker choosing the color which is close to the skin tone.

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