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How to draw an elephant step by step 🐘 drawing a light-blue elephant in a simple way

Let us learn to draw an elephant making use of simple step-by-step photos and videos. A thorough illustrated guide will help you draw a beautiful elephant even if you are only a beginner.

Step 1. Forehead

Let us draw a wavy line. It is an elephant’s big forehead.

Step 2. Ear

Let us contour a big ear starting from the right edge of the forehead line. We draw the ear lines, so to say, arbitrarily. The size and shape hardly matter.

Step 3. Tusk

Draw one tusk. The size can be different – from small to big.

Step 4. Trunk

Draw a trunk which completes the headshape. Let us draw the left tusk protruding on the side of the trunk.

Step 5. Eye

Draw a small eye.

Step 6.

Let us deal with the body itself. Draw a smooth confident line resembling a semicircle. This line runs from the head to the back (hind) leg.

Step 7. Draw the front leg

We draw the front leg below the ear. The leg looks firm and strong.

Step 8. Belly and two legs Ρ–n the background

We outline the rounded belly and the two legs in the background. Make sure they are symmetric to the ones that have already been drawn.

Step 9. Tail

Draw a thin tail with a tuft at the end.

Step 10. Feet

The feet are flat. Now let us draw the toenails.

Step 11.

Draw wrinkles on the trunk and slightly curved horizontal lines on the leg joints .

Step 12. Coloring

Color the elephant with markers or pencils of any color. We have used a blue marker for coloring almost the whole body and a pink one for making shades. The tusks remain uncolored.

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