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How to draw a car – step-by-step tutorial πŸš— a simple way of the car drawing

Everyone can draw a car (an automobile). This step-by-step tutorial with photos and videos will help you draw a car with a pencil (or a pen liner) easily.

Step 1.

Let us draw two wheels .

Step 2.

Now we draw the bottom part of a car (an automobile).

Step 3.

Draw the hood, the roof and the trunk of an auto.

Step 4.

Draw the headlights and the nose (front) section of the car.

Step 5.

Let us add details to the wheels. Draw the wheel wings.

Step 6.

Draw the windows and the door of an auto, the grill.

Step 7.

Use pencils or bright markers to color the auto yellow or choose other colors which are to your liking.

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