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How to draw lips πŸ’‹ a simple step-by-step lesson for beginners

This is a simple way to draw beautiful woman lips. A step-by-step lesson with pictures and a video will help you to draw lips easily and quickly. This article suggests two ways of drawing woman lips: an open mouth with teeth and closed lips (front view).

A simple way to draw woman lips

Step 1. Mark the upper and lower lip boundaries.

Mark the centre (two lines one by one in the middle with little space between them) as well as the upper lip boundary (a blunt angle) and the lower lip boundary (a straight line).

Step 2.

Join these with curvy lines.

Step 3.

Run the contour using a solid line. Draw wrinkles on the upper and lower lips. Broad arc-shaped lines placed vertically make the texture of the lips look more expressive and realistic.

Step 4.

Colour the lips with a red marker. The main secret is to leave white spaces closer to the line dividing the upper and lower lips (i.e. they are not coloured) as highlights.

Drawing the open lips with the teeth

Step 1.

Start with the contours of an open part of the mouth where the teeth will be seen. Draw an arc-shaped line whose both ends are placed on the left and right short lines which are slightly curved.

Step 2.

Mark the main contour lines of the upper and lower lips

Step 3.

Sketch the arrangement of the teeth with the help of vertical lines starting from the centre. Five lines in total.

Step 4. Shade space in the mouth cavity.

Make the inner arc-shaped line of the upper lip bolder and more distinct. The space along the inner line of the lower lip and at the inner corners of the lips is shaded black.

Step 5.

Draw wrinkle lines on the surface of the upper and lower lips. Use little arc-shaped lines to make the lips look natural and expressive.

Step 6.

Colour the lips with a red marker. The main secret is to leave white spaces on the upper and lower lips as highlights.

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