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How to draw an avocado πŸ₯‘ A simple step-by-step drawing tutorial

In this tutorial for beginners you will find a detailed description of how to draw a realistic avocado in a simple way. The accompanying photos and videos will help you to easily draw a whole avocado and the half fruit.

Step 1

Draw a pear-shaped oval.

Step 2

Draw another oval, similar in form to the previous, which seems to be placed behind the first one as some small part of it is not seen.

Step 3

DrawΒ  an avocado pit (seed) which is oval-shaped as the fruit itself.

Step 4

Contour a spot on an avocado pit (seed). It is a highlight. Then color the pit with a black marker. Leave the highlight untouched.

Step 5

Draw a small stalk on each of both avocados. It connects the fruit to the avocado tree.

Step 6

Color the avocados with felt-tip pens starting with the light colors first and finishing with the dark ones. Leave a white sopt (a highlight) on the back avocado fruit.

Step 7

Mark points on the peel (skin) of the back avocado.

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