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How to draw a dog with sad eyes 🐶 a simple step-by-step tutorial

Here we study how to draw a dog in pencil. This step-by-step tutorial with  photos and videos, which illustrate each step, will help you draw a dog with sad eyes easily.

Step 1. Nose

Draw a dog’s nose and muzzle.

Step 2. Eyes

Draw the eyes and brows.

Step 3. Ears

Draw floppy ears.

Step 4. Head

Draw a dog’s head. Draw its eyes which are similar to two small circles placed inside two specifically placed parallelograms whose sides resemble somewhat wavy lines.

Step 5. A dog’s forelegs (forearms)

Draw the forelegs.

Step 6. Chest

Draw a fluffy chest.

Step 7.

Draw a dog’s body and its hind leg.

Step 8. Abdomen (belly)

Draw a dog’s belly and its second hind leg.

Step 9. A tail and a nose

Draw the tail. Colour the nose black.

Step 10. Coloring

Use pencils to color your pet the way you want or the way it is in reality.

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